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Outdoor kitchen remodels are the newest, hottest remodeling trend on the rise. And no wonder homeowners are drawn to them. A customized outdoor kitchen gives you the opportunity to create the ultimate space to enjoy the San Diego warm weather, with friends and family or on your own. And if you want your outdoor kitchen remodel to check all the boxes, don’t forget that it has to have a fully functional outdoor ventilation system. And that’s where Lars Appliance Showroom comes in!

Outdoor ventilation: the help you never knew you needed

Where there are tantalizing tastes and enticing aromas, people will gather. But searing or smoking a meal can cloud the air. If your outdoor kitchen has a back wall or a shelter, you may find that a grill hood helps clear the air and keep the conversation flowing. Lars Appliance Showroom offers the latest in grill hoods that will keep the sweet grill and barbeque smells and smoke where they belong.

We’ll help you raise your outdoor comfort to a higher level

Cook with peace of mind knowing your outdoor ventilation system is just as strong and powerful as ventilation in your home. No worries about smoking up your backyard and dousing your guests and neighbors in smoke. We can help you choose the ventilation equipment that meets all the most significant outdoor kitchen ventilation requirements and matches the rest of your outdoor kitchen in terms of style and functionality.

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    Whether your outdoor kitchen is placed in an enclosed, semi-enclosed or completely uncovered area, outdoor vent hoods can come in handy, especially if you want to:

    • avoid smoke build-up and heat damage to the surrounding area,
    • make the outdoor cooking experience more enjoyable,
    • host a large gathering without exposing your guests to smoke, aromas and heat.

    When it comes to customizing your outdoor kitchen, ventilation is just as important as it is in an interior kitchen. And if you’re looking for the best outdoor vent hoods the market has to offer, Lars Appliance Showroom is the place to go.

    LYNX appliances offer state-of-the-art outdoor ventilation. The manufacturer offers professional versions of these hoods which come in three dimensions: 36”, 48” and 60”. Aside from high performance, Lynx appliances feature aesthetic appeal and flawless finish designed to meet the needs of the modern home and outdoor cooking area: — seamless welded construction with the manufacturer’s signature polished highlights.

    In the Sedona line, the hoods are made in 36”, 42” and 48” dimensions. The hoods have a powerful integrated blower. Aside from plentiful performance, the hoods boast a tailored fit and conveniently placed illumination.

    Just because you have an outdoor kitchen and grill does not mean that the smoke will just vanish into thin air. If you want to keep the smoke and the aromas from getting in the way of people enjoying themselves during your outdoor barbecue party, you definitely need a ventilation system for your outdoor grill.

    The vent on top of your grill is called the exhaust damper which is designed to:

    • Release smoke,
    • Release excess heat,
    • Regulate the cooking temperature.

    There’s a little known saying: if you want your outdoor kitchen project done right, reach out to Lars Appliance Showroom! When it comes to picking the outdoor ventilation system for your outdoor kitchen, the Lars Appliance Showroom team can help you select the right appliances. But why stop there when we have absolutely everything you could possibly need for your outdoor kitchen space?

    Get a sneak peak at our premium selection of diverse kitchen appliances in San Diego and find all you need in one place. Pick the perfect stone ovens for your outdoor kitchen and discover why other San Diegans love our outdoor grills. We make meal preparation as enjoyable as the meals themselves!