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Want to boost the comfort of your home by revitalizing your outdoor kitchen? Visit Lars Appliance Showroom here in San Diego or check out our website for more info. We will introduce you to quality options for your outdoor kitchen space and present you with the leading brands in this field, such as DCS. You can pick any of the reliable DCS outdoors refrigerators we have on offer, as well as explore state-of-the-art outdoor grills, ice makers, sideburners, beverage chillers, and other DCS appliances. Count on us to cater to your kitchen design needs.

Discover reliable DCS outdoor kitchen appliances

Outdoor kitchens are rising in popularity across the entire San Diego area, and beyond, becoming just as important and stylish as interior kitchens. This is where DCS by Fisher & Paykel comes in. The company that pioneered the first premium professional grill continues to innovate and evolve outdoor kitchen design with the highest commercial grade and restaurant-quality outdoor grills on the market.

Here is what Lars Appliance Showroom brings to the table:

DCS Series 9 Grills designed to take your BBQing to the next level. These grills include intuitive lighting meaning that your grill is illuminated no matter what time of day you are cooking. What’s more, Series 9 has an infrared rotisserie burner that provides controlled, searing heat. This grill can hold up to 50 pounds and its hood can open at a 90-degree angle. The grill even comes with a charcoal smoker tray with the ease of instant gas flame ignition. It can come either as built-in or freestanding.

DCS outdoor refrigerators. Outdoor refrigeration makes it one step easier to keep your beverages or food cold and be able to entertain your guests without having to make trips back and forth to your house. DCS has 24” refrigerators that open from the right or left, and even 24” refrigerator drawers if you don’t prefer a swinging door or your space is limited.

DCS beer dispensers. Everyone will want to come to your party after they see this draft beer modern marvel. It is 24” and can be easily added to your San Diego outdoor kitchen.

DCS outdoor ice makers. No more disappearing acts in the middle of the party because the ice is running low. DCS has a 15” outdoor clear ice maker that will take your San Diego outdoor kitchen to a whole new level.

Top storage solutions. The DCS outdoor kitchen is designed to make entertaining easier with quick access to your grilling tools, condiments, and preparation surfaces, allowing you to spend more time outside entertaining guests. The DCS soft-close tower drawers with full-extension slides are engineered for ease of use.

DCS outdoor beverage chillers. Fill your chiller with ice and your guest’s favorite beverages, and let’s get this party started.

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    Frequently asked questions

    DCS is a high-performance kitchen appliance brand famous for its professional cooking products built to last. They are manufactured by Fisher & Paykel Appliances, the company that markets two brands across the U.S. and beyond: Fisher & Paykel and DCS by Fisher & Paykel.
    Here at Lars Appliance Showroom in San Diego, we offer a wide selection of indoor and outdoor appliances from both of these renowned brands. You can count on our crew of skilled appliance specialists to introduce you to their unique features and assist you in picking those that fit your needs the best.

    When selecting an outdoor grill for your San Diego kitchen, you need to have several factors in mind:

    • Size. When choosing your grill size, consider the type of food that you plan to grill, as well as the available space you have. If you plan on throwing big parties, the DCS Series 9 grill is your best bet.
    • Durability & quality. When investing in a quality outdoor grill you should purchase the one that is built to last. Therefore, it’s always recommendable to stick to the proven kitchen appliance brands like DCS that sell units made of long-lasting materials and equipped with advanced features.
    • Special features. Every appliance brand comes with special features that are devised to accommodate the different needs of its customers. Depending on whether you want a side burner, a grill that comes with installed lights, a smoker box, or similar add-ons, you’ll manage to narrow down your search and make the right decision.

    Here at Lars Appliance Showroom in San Diego, our staff is trained to recognize your particular needs and help you figure out what you want from this whole experience. Your satisfaction is our top priority and will do everything in our power to leave you with a smile on your face.

    If you want your grill to last long and serve you well, you need to keep it well-maintained year-round. You should clean both the grates and the inside of the grill regularly. To clean the grates properly, it’s best to use a brass-bristle brush and soapy water and scrub them while the grill is still warm. Be careful not to use harsh chemicals that can damage the grill and lead to corrosion.
    Our seasoned professionals from San Diego and the area are available for all your queries regarding your DCS outdoor grill maintenance. With Lars Appliance Showroom by your side, you may rest assured that you’ll always get excellent customer support and won’t feel left alone even after the sale has been concluded.

    If you’re remodeling your San Diego kitchen, you’ll probably want to decide on the budget for your new DCS outdoor refrigerator and other necessary appliances in advance. To do this, it’s best to explore the market first and get to know the available price ranges.
    The durability and contemporary design of DCS appliances will undoubtedly give you your money’s worth. Here at Lars Appliance Showroom, we strive to provide all our clients with kitchen set-ups that will fulfill their wishes and at the same time match their budget.

    Right here at Lars Appliance Showroom! If you live in San Diego, or the area, and are looking for top-of-the-line kitchen appliances, reach out to us today. Our showroom is located near the National University, just a short drive away from Marian Bear Memorial Park. Feel free to stop by at your convenience and explore dependable DCS outdoor kitchen appliances. You can also use this opportunity to take a look at any other appliances from many premier brands that we have on offer, including:

    If you value your comfort and want to upgrade your outdoor or indoor kitchen, we’ve got you covered. Dial our number and we promise that we will go above and beyond to turn your kitchen appliance dreams into reality.

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