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Caliber Appliances is a brand that is known for its vast experience in the engineering and design fields and its dedication to creating some of the most innovative products available on the market. Whether you are looking for high-quality options for your indoor or outdoor kitchen space, Lars Appliances can help you find the perfect Caliber ranges, rangetops, and outdoor grills for your San Diego home.

Caliber Appliances: experience and expertise combined

Created by seasoned industry professionals Dan Nichols and Randy Rummel, Caliber provides residential and commercial property owners with top-tier outdoor and indoor kitchen appliances. The combined expertise and experience of the company creators has won them numerous accolades in kitchen appliance design, including Vesta Awards from Hearth & Home magazine and a Architizer Special Mention Award.

Cook like a pro from the comfort of your own backyard or kitchen

If you are a homeowner who wants to equip their kitchen with cutting edge cooking appliances, Caliber ranges and outdoor grills are a fantastic option. Their award-winning products are characterized by innovative engineering and great attention to detail. Whether it’s their Indoor Professional Range and Rangetop Series, Crossflame burners, or Rockwell Social Grills, Caliber products enable you to produce restaurant-grade meals and reach culinary excellence.

Discover a wide range of Caliber kitchen appliances

Explore the full range of award-winning kitchen appliances from Caliber. From indoor to outdoor, ranges and range tops to top burners and grills, choose your favorite from the Caliber catalog and enjoy your new kitchen appliances for years to come. Enhance the functionality and ease of cooking with one of the finest brands on the market and consult with our experts to see what best fits your requirements.

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    The Caliber Indoor Professional Range series brings appliances characterized by restaurant-inspired configurations and classic designs. All Caliber ranges and rangetops have advanced cooking features which include:

    • High-performance top burners with ratings from 23,000 BTU to 15,000 BTU;
    • Advanced ignition systems for each burner;
    • Rangetop sumps made from highly polished stainless steel;
    • High-quality grate design with flame-smart technology;
    • Satin-polished chrome die-cast knobs, and much more.

    So, if you are looking for a way to streamline and enhance your cooking experience, visit our Lars Appliances Showroom in San Diego and we’ll help you decide which model from Caliber’s indoor range would give you the best results.

    If you appreciate appliances created with a passion for culinary excellence and innovative engineering, then Caliber would certainly be a great choice. Their indoor and outdoor products aren’t designed only for professional-level performance and power but will also add versatility and flexibility to your cooking area.

    With Lars and Caliber Appliances at your service, you can have a premium cooking experience without hassle. The meals you create with Caliber products can match the quality from the best restaurants in Little Italy and the Gaslamp Quarter thanks to the advanced cooking technologies that the company is known for.

    We know how easy it can be to become overwhelmed when shopping for a grill for your outdoor cooking area. Different types of grills produce different results, so it’s important to get familiar with all the available options before buying. Here are the most common types of outdoor grills you can find on the market:

    • Gas grills: this popular type of outdoor grill uses either natural gas or bottled propane to cook your meals quickly and evenly.
    • Electric grills: if you live in a city and have to respect fire regulations, an electric grill would be a great option since it relies on electricity rather than fire for cooking.
    • Charcoal grills: if you are a grilling purist who enjoys smoking meats, then a charcoal grill would be the perfect fit for you.
    • Portable grills: these types of grills run on either charcoal or propane and can be easily transported. Portable grills are the best choice for picnics or tailgating.

    Caliber outdoor grills come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Which one you pick for your outdoor cooking area in San Diego will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Read on to discover what different Caliber grills bring to the table.

    The Crossflame Pro

    The flagship Caliber Crossflame Pro Grills combine cooking power and evenness to provide you with a commercial-grade cooking experience. With patented burner design and top-quality radiant systems, these grills are truly a marvel of outdoor cooking technology.

    Rockwell by Caliber Social Grill

    This series features Caliber’s patented burner plus radiant technology as well as a retractable lid with a top-of-the-line counterbalance mechanism that ensures smooth opening and closing. The grill is available in several configurations and boasts a fantastic contemporary design.

    The Crossflame Silver Grill

    The Crosflame Silver range boasts ultra-even technology of the Crossflame Pro and a burner made from stainless steel that makes for smooth everyday cooking. These grills provide the same cooking quality as the more high-end options but come at a lower price.

    Pro Kamado Charcoal Grill & Smoker

    If you are looking for a convenient charcoal grilling option that offers a wide range of cooking styles, the Pro Kamado would be the perfect choice. This outdoor grill is lightweight and ensures optimal moisture retention thanks to its cutting edge flue-way system.

    If you are looking for top-quality kitchen equipment in San Diego, our Lars Appliances Showroom is the place to be. We boast a wide selection of Caliber rangetops, ranges, outdoor grills, and other kitchen accessories for your residential or commercial cooking needs.

    In addition to Caliber products, we can also help you equip your kitchen with:

    Stop by our showroom and start working on your dream kitchen today!

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