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To complete your bathroom remodel successfully, rely on Lars Appliance Showroom to introduce you to a premium selection of bathroom fixtures from high-end brands like Grohe. This is one of the leading manufacturers for complete bathroom solutions, as well as high-quality kitchen fittings. Whether you need Grohe faucets, showers, showerheads, or some other bathroom product, we’ve got you covered. Visit us in our well-equipped showroom in San Diego, or check out our amazing offer online.

Place your trust in Grohe products

Grohe was founded in 1936 and has been committed to creating exceptional products ever since. Its unquestionable quality and success have been recognized worldwide, and, over the last 10 years alone, Grohe has received more than 240 design awards.
By combining excellent craftsmanship and inventiveness to manufacture pieces that are original, outstandingly-designed, and devised to last for many years, Grohe has earned your trust and its place in your San Diego home.

What makes Grohe faucets stand out from the crowd?

Four core brand values (technology, quality, design, and sustainability) are reflected in every single Grohe item that we have on offer here in Lars Appliance Showroom in San Diego. Grohe seasoned teams of experts are tirelessly working on building and fine-tuning products that are designed to excite its users and provide them with an increased quality of life. Grohe goods pass rigorous tests before being released for sale, so if you purchase a Grohe shower or faucets, you may rest assured that they are built to last.

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        Frequently asked questions

        Undoubtedly, yes. Not only do its products come in a variety of different styles (Cosmopolitan, Contemporary, and Authentic), but they are crafted according to the highest industry standards. Here is what the Grohe collection consists of:

        • Bathroom and bathtub faucets. They are made of the finest materials and represent a perfect fusion of the latest industry trends and Grohe’s innovative approach. What’s more, their advanced water-saving feature is yet another great perk that this brand offers in order to help its customers increase the sustainability of their homes.
        • Showers and shower thermostats. Grohe’s mission is to provide its customers with a unique shower experience. In our showroom in San Diego, you may choose between a number of Grohe showers that come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you want it wall mounted or fitted flush to the ceiling, you can rely on Grohe to grant you your wish. There’s more! You can also invest in the state-of-the-art Grohe Shower SmartControl and bring your bathroom to a whole new level.  
        • Bathroom accessories. For a modern and sleek look of your San Diego bathroom, you can explore timeless Grohe accessories that exude elegance and have wide-ranging appeal. Feel free to purchase anything from chic towel bars and rings to essential guest bathroom accessory collections, and be sure that Grohe won’t fail your expectations.

        Here at Lars Appliance Showroom in San Diego, we have been selling a wide range of Grohe shower heads for many years now. While the majority of these units have found their place at the top of the best shower head lists, which one will be the most adequate for you will depend on YOUR needs. Our trained and skillful staff will be there to hear you out, discuss your preferences, and assist you in picking the right product based on the input you’ve provided.

        Absolutely! Here in our showroom in San Diego, we sell high-quality Grohe faucets that will cater to your needs and serve you for many years to come. Our team of design professionals will go above and beyond to match you with the products that will fit your budget perfectly and put a smile on your face.
        When buying your bathroom fixtures, your goal shouldn’t be to find the cheapest option, but the one that will give you your money’s worth, and that’s what Grohe is all about. In case you have any additional concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to dial our number today. We pride ourselves on our great customer care and a follow-through approach that allows our clients to rely on us for advice even after the sale has been concluded.

        When selecting the best faucet for your San Diego bathroom, these are some of the features you should have in mind:

        • The style of your bathroom. You want your faucets to contribute to the rest of your bathroom design and complete its look. You can either go for modern and transitional ones or stick to traditional faucets that will add that retro feel to your space.
        • Quality and functionality. To ensure that your faucet will last long and that you won’t have to spend a fortune on constant repairs and replacements, you should go with proven brands like Grohe. Buying a dependable faucet may entail a larger initial investment, but it will definitely pay off in the long run.
        • Sustainability. Low-flow faucets are one of the greatest advancements in this field. So, if you want to reduce your water consumption, decrease your bills, and give back to the environment, Grohe water-saving faucets are the way to go. Their cutting-edge technology doesn’t let anything fall through the cracks.

        Share your vision with Lars, and we will do everything in our power to turn it into reality.

        Right here in Lars Appliance Showroom. Our distinctive offer of great bathroom appliances has something for everyone’s taste. Regardless of whether you live in Tierrasanta, in Downtown San Diego, or any other part of the city, we’ve got your back.

        Aside from premium Grohe faucets and showers, we sell a wide selection of products from various renowned brands, including:

        As the go-to showroom in San Diego, Lars takes great care of its clients providing them with bathroom appliances that meet their requirements and surpass their expectations. Reach out to us today and let’s uplift your home with an amazing bathroom upgrade!

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